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Flughafen Zürich AG operates one of the biggest retail platforms in Switzerland and will continue to strengthen its position with THE CIRCLE. With a wide variety of uses, the new destination will offer a new and interactive form of customer dialogue.

The future of retail

The Swiss retail sector is under pressure owing to changing consumer behaviour. Digitalisation is changing the way people consume. This year's Shopping Center Forum, held on 4-5 May at the Hotel Radisson Blu at Zurich Airport, was dedicated to this key trend and addressed the future of retail. After the event, Flughafen Zürich AG organised a study tour during which the three retail centres at Zurich Airport were introduced: the Airport Center, which serves the local market, the Airside Center, which is geared to travellers, and the new destination THE CIRCLE.

In an area covering 180,000 m², THE CIRCLE will form an innovative destination that will generate synergies. With all the bustle of an international trading centre, it will become a focal point for business and lifestyle as well as for brands, medicine, education, culture and entertainment, hotels and congresses. The Brands & Dialogue module offers companies the possibility to bring all the facets of their brands to life in multi-functional spaces. The focus will be on the desire to present products, tell stories, exchange views with customers, media representatives and opinion-shapers and other stakeholder groups, and to create a communicative, service-oriented venue offering a high-quality experience.