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Jelmoli has chosen THE CIRCLE as its new location, as it is precisely the venue that it sees for the future of retail. Switzerland’s leading premium department store has always been known for revolutionary concepts and innovative solutions.

Main square

The aim is to combine many years of service excellence with digital innovations to make the three Jelmoli brand houses in THE CIRCLE attractive shopping experiences, with the customer front and centre. Trend and innovation scout Zoé de Beer from the Swiss Prime Site Group, to which Jelmoli belongs, knows why the stores under construction are the logical response to the major changes in retail and what opportunities and developments the future has in store:

“Retail is always changing, but the pace of this change has accelerated dramatically over the last 20 years due to the impact of information technology. Devices such as smartphones make retail more competitive. This processing of information is useful, but the number of actual buying experiences that result is (still) limited. The opportunity for bricks-and-mortar retail lies in creating social interactions. Customers expect an offering that represents the best possible value for money and which is tailored to their needs, and are only prepared to pay a premium if they are seen as individuals and pampered.
Retail needs to be forward-looking and agile. It can use current technology to analyse the customer’s wishes and buying behaviour at tremendous speed and respond immediately. The most important thing in any case is to listen to the consumer, and the physical store will remain the right channel for that. We at the Swiss Prime Site Group understand the importance of this touchpoint and offer our merchants the key platforms they need to be able to convey and present their brand messages and brand experiences. We see it as our duty to be innovative and proactive in addressing the wishes of our future customers.”

About Jelmoli:
Innovation is in the DNA of Swiss company Jelmoli, which was established in 1833. Visionary decisions – to focus on the premium segment and expand the flagship store in Zurich, for example – turned the successful company into the market leader. Today, Jelmoli is part of Swiss Prime Site Group AG and Switzerland’s leading department store.