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We can shop, compare prices and call up new products anytime, anywhere. Many businesses see their customers’ digital omnipresence and accessibility as a huge opportunity for physical retail. The future of online is offline.

Rethinking retail

We as customers are both ultra-convenient and demanding. We think no-line, meaning that we do not think in channels and want to transition seamlessly. We no longer want to carry our shopping ourselves? The store-to-door service has it delivered without any hassle. We want to know beforehand where exactly our coveted product is in stock and in what quantities? Great, then, that the future has a range of technical innovations in store such as inventory and location checking.
Advice, that little bit extra? We will receive this without asking in future, according to US futurist Faith Popcorn. Our shopping experience of tomorrow is based around consutainment – the shopping experience is fun, barrier-free, uncomplicated and positively palpable. Physical stores will by no means disappear. Quite the opposite: haptic and authentic shopping moments cannot be emulated digitally. Feeling fabrics, touching products, smelling them, friendly service, a pleasant atmosphere ...
Regardless of whether your shopping trip is shaped by digital features, friendly sales staff in your favourite store or a personal shopping assistant, things look good for you as a customer. The future is yours.