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For the past few days a mock-up of the biggest construction project in Switzerland – THE CIRCLE – has been on display at Rega's head office at Zurich Airport.


The two-storey mock-up is situated at the Himmelbach, between Rega's head office and the military zone. It is the size of an average single-family home and will be used for development and presentations. The educational model will also help with taking decisions.

Challenging facades
The mock-up presents original-size examples of sections of the different facades. For instance, the incline of the ring facade is clearly visible, while on the hill side three different types of metal aluminium surfaces are visible, which are currently being evaluated. The inner and outer facade is also being assessed in terms of joints, connection points, seams and materials, and will be developed and optimised accordingly. The mock-up is thus important for the client as well as for the architects, planners and facade specialists who will develop the construction-related details.

Hotel room mock-up
In spring 2017 the mock-up will fulfil an additional purpose. Two standard hotel rooms and corridors will be fitted as samples for the Hyatt hotels. This will enable interior designers and building technology specialists to benefit from the model of THE CIRCLE.

However, it's not possible to sleep in the mini THE CIRCLE – the mock-up is not accessible to the public and the showers wouldn't work either.