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In future, THE CIRCLE will offer a number of intelligent workspace solutions. Innovative offices will be places that everyone likes to go to and where they can feel good, says Stefan Feldmann, Head of Property & Portfolio at Flughafen Zürich AG.


"THE CIRCLE will offer the employees of Flughafen Zürich AG home bases where they can choose their workstations (desk sharing), as well as zones for ad-hoc meetings, rest areas, team work rooms and classic meeting facilities. The range of these intelligent solutions also offers the right and ideal environment, depending on the activity and working world. One excellent entrepreneurial example of the successful use of smart working can be seen at Credit Suisse Ltd, which won the Friendly Workspace label this year for its courage."



Lista Office LO - Smart Working - Credit Suisse on Vimeo (6:27 minutes) 

"In 2020, Flughafen Zürich AG will move its head office to THE CIRCLE. In addition to the excellent transport links and wide range of dining and retail facilities for employees, THE CIRCLE offers the unique possibility of creating a working world that can be a meeting place for all employees. The move to THE CIRCLE will in itself create added value, and an innovative office concept will ensure the company's position in future as an attractive employer. THE CIRCLE certainly meets these demanding requirements and is set to be a place that people will be happy to come to and where they feel good."